With the rising cost of fuel, transportation and expenses included in a school field trip, why not bring the event to your school? Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Revolutionary War right out side your classroom!! Watch as History Comes to Life.

We have a wide variety of programs to offer you including: Military encampments, Recruiting scenarios, The Campfollowers life with the army, Cooking and meal preparation and many other various programs designed to fit your request and budget.


Types of programs:

Small Classroom Size - Show and Tell – presented with the assistance of a small table and interaction with the students and demonstrations on clothing and equipment.

 Military Encampment – An outdoor program for individual grades or a whole school. Complete with tents, flags and a camp kitchen. Interaction with students includes marching, manual drill and Q and A session.

Overnight Encampments – Sleep out under the stars in a soldier’s tent and gather around the fire for stories of long ago as our country fought for independence.

*Parents or a Guardian need to be present*

 Musket Firing Demonstrations – Hear the crack of the musket and catch a smell of the powder as our trained soldiers show you the skill and training that was required to handle the weapons of the time.

 Meals prepared over an open fire Watch and enjoy the smells as a meal is prepared by the Soldiers and campfollowers in their camp.



Here is an example of two of our more popular programs with schools and scout organizations



Citizen to Soldier: Life in the Continental Army

Teachers and Students!!! Come join the fun and participate in this interactive educational program on the life of a Continental Soldier in the American Revolution. Students will have the opportunity to view and interact within a Revolutionary War era infantry unit’s campsite. Complete with tents, flags, and a soldiers kitchen with an open fire (Optional). Listen to the “plea” for new troops from a recruiting officer and actually enlist in the Army and participate in the marching formations; infantry drill and experience the daily life and duties of the common soldiers who fought in the American Revolution.




The Discovery and Preservation of the Revolutionary War Burial Site

Langhorne Borough, Bucks County, PA


This program can be presented in the classroom or at the actual site in Langhorne Borough. (Burial site is located next to the Bella Torre Restaurant on the corner of Flowers and Bellevue Ave.) Weather permitting.

Students and Teachers are welcome to visit the Revolutionary War Burial site in Langhorne Borough which is the final resting place of 166 Continental Soldiers of the American Revolution. The soldier’s burial site has been transformed into a small park and has become an educational site complete with monuments and markers to tell their story and keep their memory alive. 1st NJ & Burial Site Committee Member – Mike Jesberger will be present in uniform and equipped to explain the soldier’s clothing, weapons and to share the stories of their struggle for independence. You will hear the eyewitness account of the 11 year old girl who witnessed the burials and wrote her feelings and emotions in a journal which ultimately led to the discovery and preservation of the site. Complete with maps and handouts, the program will tell you the story of Langhorne Borough’s role in the War and effect it left on the people who called the town home.