There are a number of people and units in reenacting that do 18th century medical portrayals. Ours, however, is one of the only to portray a military regimental flying hospital. It is also one of the two largest in Revolutionary War reenacting. The number and variety of instruments, medicines, and other medical equipment is extensive. Most of the instruments are faithful reproductions of museum pieces or from bookplates of original surgical guides, the majority of them made by our senior surgeon. There are also some actual medical antique instruments. The medicines are the real thing, minus the controlled substances. Our senior surgeon has been doing 18th century medical and dental reenacting and lectures for seventeen years.


Revolutionary War Medicines and Chest

Revolutionary War Surgical Instruments

Revolutionary War Field Hospital


     We do everything from after-battle surgical demonstrations to simple bleedings, talks about disease and hygiene in the Continental Army, and portray everyday life in a regimental hospital.



     The hospital is currently looking for a nurse, male or female, and possibly, a junior surgeon who are interested in doing a proper period portrayal. Please, we are looking for people seriously interested in 18th century medicine, and not looking to do this simply because they can no longer take the field as a soldier, and donít know where else to go. Our surgeon takes this seriously!

If you are interested in joining the hospital, please contact:

Marjy Wienkop, Senior Surgeon (aka Dr Geo. McClelland) at