Around the House

Here is a hodge-podge of stuff around the house, including some of the pretty snow we had a while back.  There is no theme, or rhyme or reason, just enjoyment.  Many of these demonstrate the joys and frustrations of home ownership.  Although the headaches may be many, we are blessed to have such problems ... the house is OURS.


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The 2004-05 winter saw a LOT of snow

Pool?  What pool?

Hair and goatee growing now that he's out of the military

James with members of the unit

David gets a new gas powered T-Maxx

We had a minor house flood during heavy rains

The cause of the flood was found and a drainage system installed

Our pool developed a leak and needed renovation and repainting anyway

The pool is drained and ready for repairs

... an air void in the cement around the main drain

The cause of the leak is found

... and stripping of the old paint begins

Kristy sports a new period gown

Family portrait

David lost his beloved Sidny to feline anemia

Kristy's parents visit our PA house for the first time

Kristy as a ghoul during Fort Mifflin's Fright Fest

James and friend, Chuck, scare the visitors

David turns 17 during the activities

Wusthoff ... it just doesn't get any better

Kristy got a set of the world's best cutlery sets

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