Cruise to Mexico

Kristy's parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary

     We couldn't ask for better parents and in-laws.  We have always been welcomed in their homes, and visiting Bishop was a nice break from the fast pace of military life.  After we transferred to New Jersey, Kristy's parents started planning their 50th wedding anniversary.  Because they wanted everyone to enjoy the celebration, they purchased five rooms for ten people on-board the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ship, the Song of America (since retired from their line).

     We were treated to a quick flight from Philadelphia International to Los Angeles International, then a bus picked us up and took us to the ship.  There we hooked up with Bill & Peggy, Larry & Jo Ellen, Bill Jr., Michael and Amber.  From there we spent a week on the ship, visiting Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.

     After a wonderful week on the ship, we flew back to Bishop with everyone and enjoyed another week back in the familiar territory we call home.  The visit was too short, but a welcome break from the constant deployments that were becoming a way of life on the KC-10's James was now flying on.

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