CRITTERS - Reptilus Crawlimus

This is mostly David's corner of the world.  He enjoys exotic pets, and has a herd (gaggle, flock ... what do you call it) of hermit crabs, and a bearded dragon.  Take a look here and enter our son's realm of the world.


Just one of the herd


     These are the hermit crabs.  He always has a large collection in his tank, and the number usually hovers around a dozen or so.



ELVIS is the first of two Bearded Dragon's David has owned.  David acquired Elvis in December of 2003, and he passed away early in 2007.  You would have to ask us personally how we arrived at hat name ... lets just say "Elvis is in the building."

SNITCH is David's second dragon, after Elvis passed away.  He was just a baby when David got him, and he has grown a lot, and he isn't even a year old yet.



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see Elvis eating lunch

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