Alan and Chris's

Visit to America

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Just in from the airport

Just like kids ... David and Chris play Playstation II

Chris tries his luck with the .44 Magnum

Alan tries the gun that made Dirty Harry famous

David and Chris between shooting rounds

Chris aims at the target

That's a LOT of holes

Alan and Chris meet Bill Treusch

Enjoying tea and scones ... American style

Chris isn't so sure about Sparky

David shows off his radio controlled car

Chris at the wheel of his own KC-10

Back in the Aerial Refueling station ... waiting for fighters

Chris with a brace of pistols ... both .44 caliber

Chris and David ... what a bunch of desperado's

Chris enjoys an M-60 tank

High atop the tank

Plaque for the M-47 Medium Tank

David and Chris give a salute from the tank

Self-propelled artillery

David and Chris at the M-47

Climbing all over

In front of the AH-1 attack helicopter

The old cemetery at Gettysburg

The "Eternal Flame" Memorial

180 degree view from the Eternal Flame Memorial

210 degree panoramic view from Little Round Top - You can see the Devil's Den and the Wheatfield in the distance

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