Mom & Diane Visit

  Mom and Diane came back out to New Jersey for another visit ... this time they had hoped for warmer weather.  Boy did the East Coast surprise them, with record cold temperatures, reaching freezing in the early morning hours.  This was their first visit to us in our new house.  The highlight of their visit was a spectacular dinner at the SHIP INN, an 18th Century brew pub (thanks, Mitch), for a wonderful -- if not truly British -- dinner and spirits, and we enjoyed an extensive tour of the battleship, U.S.S. New Jersey.


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Diane is already making David laugh

The traditional "pick 'em up at the airport" picture

" Hey, that clock actually keeps time ... and sounds good, too !!! "

Their first glimpse at the "beast"

David engages them in a game of CLUE

Our 18th Century corner

" Everyone has three heads !!! "

Rikki, this time, plays unsociable

" ... so I tell them I need more time off."

Bill tells everyone how work is going

Mom and David listen to Kristy telling a story

At least David actually put the food in his mouth and ate it

Kids pretending to eat

The whole gang

David says he won

David and Bill have a staring contest

Oustide the SHIP INN

Grandmother Ann and David pose for a postcard shot

The superstructure of the

U.S.S. New Jersey

Philadelphia and Dewey's flagship at Penn's Landing

David poses with the 16" plinking guns

Each link of the anchor chain weighs 110 lbs

David with an 16" one ton armor piercing bullet

The cramp quarters inside one of the 16" guns

The first

U.S.S. New Jersey

Looking down the long corridor

Admiral Halsey is still on the admiral's deck

A view from the bridge

A group shot of us at the aft turret

Coming over the gangway

Saying goodbye to the ship ... and the ducks

Panoramic of the battleship, Camden, Philadelphia and the family

Here is a shot of the ship in a full broadside, from their website

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