After spending 24 years in the Air Force, I looked forward to having more time with family and home.  As most military retirees discover, the "real world" continues to demand a great deal of your time.  When I do manage to have time off, I have several hobbies to keep me busy.


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Revolutionary War Reenacting :  Here I am in my full Regimental Uniform of a private in the 'Old' 11th Pennsylvania Regiment, Coates Company "B". As the unit's Secretary, I manage our official web page.  Click the sign to visit the site at ...


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(High-Powered) Model Rocketry :  Although these aren't our High-powered versions, the little stuff can be more fun, as you don't have all the restrictions holding you back. Here is one of our favorite flyers, Big Bertha, on her 35th and final flight. A stuck parachute brought her back to Earth faster than her cardboard and balsa wood construction could absorb.
Mountain Biking :  Being my newest hobby, I've still got a lot to learn, but I've already logged over 400 miles on my new bike, an Exotec FSX-3 Full-suspension 24 speed rig. 

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