HORSES - Equinus Gallopus

No, we don't currently have horses at the present time (thank God), but they are a creature near and dear to Kristy's heart, as she has owned them at one time or another since she was 10.  This page is dedicated to those that came before, as it would only be proper to dedicate a page to those she has loved, and will hopefully, some day, enjoy the pleasure of owning, again.




     In everything we do in life, there are always firsts.  Kristy loved horses from the very first day she knew the creatures existed.  Her parents surprised her with her own pony on Christmas morning when she was just ten years old.  Princess (pictured above) taught her all the do's and don'ts of riding, as she was quick to rub Kristy off on a tree or fence if she wasn't paying attention.  Princess passed away just prior to Christmas 1985, and every time Kristy gets on a horse, she remembers the lesson taught to her by her first.




     Here is an action shot of Kristy "back in the day" (meaning before David), in the summer of 1987.  This was the last horse (so far) that Kristy could call her own.  Her name was Darla, and she was a thoroughbred mare.

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