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Mary Vela at the Edison High School Military Ball

Me in High School with my date in 1977

Were we EVER that young (or SKINNY)?

Kristy and I at our wedding,

Aug 30, 1984

David and I after I got back from a trip

Dad and Diane

David in the cockpit of an F-16

David thinks Mom doesn't know what he's doing

Mike with daughter and new son

Cousin Tom with wife and granddaughter

David shows off a train collection from Grandpa

With half-brother Dave

Lovell ... of Apollo 13 fame

David and I last Halloween ... he is Jim Lovell

Dad, Jeanie and family on a visit to San Antonio

David is finally old enough to push the lawn mower

Kristy is kept warm by Rikki and Lazlo

Dusty when she was just a few weeks old

Dad engages David in a game of chess

David with Grandpa David and Grandma Jeanie

David shows off the new replica rifle I made for him

Yes ... she makes FIVE cats we have

'Couter, short for Accoutrement, as a kitten

Dad visits the new house in November 2004

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