... More Air Force Pictures

Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure, taken from various trips I have flown around the world.  I hope you enjoy them.


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Planes ...

Original paint scheme on the


Refueling a B-52

Refueling an F-16

Refueling a C-130

A little

"Ten on Ten" Action

Refueling a Marine FA-18 on the center drogue

Refueling a Marine FA-18 on the WARP pods

Refueling an A-10

The Aerial Refueling Operator's station

What it looks like from the other end

The highly TOP SECRET KC-10B model

Performing maintenance on the boom

A great sunset shot

Half way through our tenth mission over Kosovo

Cool Dude with an F-15 Eagle

The flight engineer's panel

Heroes return home from Europe

Next to the center landing gear

With stairs and the cargo door open

Refueling the plane at the wing panel

Monitoring the engines during takeoff

Yes, the GE CF6-50-C2 engine is a pretty big sucker

Standing in the #1 engine

The simulator ... open and ready for business

The copilot's station

The engineer's panel

Yours truly ready for another workout

... in this case, the commander of U. N. Forces in Korea

Hob-knobbing with 4-star generals

Midnight Refueling

... it only happens once a year

A Top Secret special operations refueling

Places ...

Famous Diego Garcia, taken from the space shuttle

The tanker/bomber parking ramp on Diego Garcia

"Downtown" Diego's main living area

Can you find the swimming pool ?

A closer shot

Mount Fuji - Japan

Frankfurt, Germany

The Swiss Alps

Road Hog !!!

Camels in the Middle East

This is what happens when you've been there too long

This was my home for 3 months

My spacious living accommodations

My private suite

The first Medal of Honor of WWII was won here - Dec 8, 1941

A scenic tour of Wake Island

This island is SMALL

A map of Wake Island

It looks a lot smaller from the air

Mount Rushmore from the air

People ...


 US Forces


John L. Levitow

Medal of Honor

Recipient, Vietnam

Ronald R. Fogelman


AF Chief of Staff

Charles T. Robertson


Air Mobility Command

Thomas M. Ryan



Duane H. Cassidy



Anyone for an airshow?



Sans clothes

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