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Yellow Tang Bird's Nest Coral Hippo Tang Green Tongue Coral Carpet Anemone Teal Zoanthids Royal Gramma Basslet Open Brain Coral Long Tenticle Anemone Clownfish Clownfish Orange Tree Sponge Hawaiian Feather Duster Emerald Crab Clean-Up Crew Clean-Up Crew Live Rock Clean-Up Crew Filtration and Circulation Clean-Up Crew


     Salt water aquariums provide unique challenges you just don't have to worry about with fresh water.  Water quality, is paramount, and making regular changes is a must.  This tank is still "young" compared to others that have been running for years, and I am always amazed to see others who have reef tanks set up with mature fish that have been around a long time.  As this tank matures and more things are added I hope everything flourishes.